Words Hurt

A Narcissist memoir

Narcissism. Sex. Suicide.

Women verbally abuse one in three men, which is approximately a billion men worldwide.

Are you one of those men? Too much emphasis and media coverage on male perpetrators and women victims. The reason for writing this memoir is to bring those men who have felt the same as me but are scared or feel because they are men, they should be able to handle things. We remain silent and absorb.

Around 1912, women justifiably fought for their right to vote. They held a quiet revolution when things didn’t change. They resorted to violence and got what they wanted. My goal is to get men to start a quiet revolution to make women and the media aware of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Men out there have the power to change the epidemic of verbal abuse towards men. When you look through Amazon books, there are only one or two books on verbal abuse towards men.

“Just because we are men doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings.”

No of Pages: 195
Language: English
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