Orphan Warrior

The power of courage

Murder. Betrayal. Lust.

The flames took everything from ten-year-old William, his home, his life, his parents. But he rose from the ashes, determined to find the ones responsible and get his revenge.
For years, Joe has run from his past, has run from the horrors of that night. When it finally catches up, Joe is forced to betray those he loves the most. What he doesn’t expect is a second chance.
Helen didn’t trust the orphan, her parents took off the streets. He was crass and filthy, and his gaze was full of fiery hate. Yet, as she grows older, she can’t help but be drawn to the young man he has become, can’t help but ignite the spark between them.
But tragedy is a constant stalker. It lurks in the wings and waits to strike.

No of Pages: 206
Language: English
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