Edge of Darkness

The power of love

Murder. Romance. Domestic Violence.

It was a typical night for Avril.

But when a violent altercation sends Avril into the arms of a violent man, a typical night becomes dangerous. Lost, isolated, and afraid, Avril’s days are filled with blood and hate as she caters to the demands of the rage-filled man who controls her with fear. When tragedy strikes, Avril turns to the quiet comfort of Ben, a neighbor, who would do anything to see her safe.

Ben is inexplicably drawn to the beautiful girl next door but is shocked and silent by the violent acts he witnesses. Determined to protect her, Ben initiates a friendship that quickly becomes more. Together, the two achieve the impossible and pin their hopes on the future.

But the past haunts the present, and it is hungry for death.

Step into a thrillingly captivating story of murder, violence, and love. When all is said and done, it will leave you standing at the edge of darkness.

No of Pages: 158
Language: English
File Size: 441kb