Arthur’s War

The passion to survive

Jealousy. Bloodshed. War.

Arthur Somerset had only known peace. He has only heard whispers of the sacrifices made by his family back in England, and his greatest hardship has been learning to flirt with the beautiful girl behind the pharmacy counter.

But a violent night has violent consequences. When his choices put innocent lives in danger, Arthur must accept his vicious destiny–sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to kill.

Terror has always stalked the halls of Dawie’s childhood. It has haunted his nightmares and ruined his dreams. When the darkness escapes the confines of Dawie’s home and is unleashed on the town of Durban, the consequence is a bloody war. As his past and future brutally collide, Dawie is forced to make an impossible choice–duty, or love?

Elizabeth was drawn to the awkward boy with the sweet, shy smile. When he returns her affections, it seems Elizabeth is about to get everything she ever wanted.

Then, tragedy strikes. All at once, the future Elizabeth dreams of is ripped from her grasp. Death waits around corners and threatens the one she loves. Together, they make a stand. Together, they decide to fight.

But the darkness is spreading, and it is ready to burn.

No of Pages: 185
Language: English
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