I’m a published author and ghostwriter and work with various clients worldwide. I specialize in small projects.

Together, we will turn your idea into a book. Your voice will be on the pages and your name on the cover. I specialize in small projects or novellas. Together, we will have a laugh while completing your book. Initially, we will use Microsoft Teams to meet up, and for me to find out who you are and how you would like your book to be written. All books are ebooks. I’ll email you 6 drafts of the book, so we can make improvements as we go. Let’s get writing. See you on the other side.

Fast-paced fiction, Mystery and crime, short stories, thriller and suspense.

Biographies and memoirs


Work experience (September, 2015 – present)
Author and Ghostwriter – self employed
I began writing while at school, and now it’s in my blood.
I’ve written and published five fiction and non-fiction books and also working on some ghostwriting projects. I specialize in minor projects and novellas. My books are fast-paced, action thrillers with characters who walk off the page into real life. I love an excellent coffee while I write my many books and a laugh too.


Orphan Warrior: the power of courage

Arthur’s War: a passion to survive

Edge of Darkness:

Details about your ebook.
It will take me approximately 3 months for us to complete your book.

Communication process.
1) Write a brief paragraph about your idea – 200 words – save it as a pdf. Send the pdf file via the contact form.
2) Write a full page in bullet points comprising everything you can think of – save it as a pdf. Send the pdf file via the contact form.
3) We book a half an hour appointment via Microsoft Teams, to meet each other and give me a better idea of who you are and where you got your idea from as well as what you envisage the final product to do.

How many drafts will there be?
I will write six drafts and send you each draft so we can work on it together. Please remember the first draft is going to have mistakes. The flow of the story will not make sense. As we progress through each draft, things will fall into place.

How do we proceed once I’ve agreed via Microsoft Teams?
1) Sign the contract I have provided. Pay AU$2,500 deposit into my Paypal account.

How much is it going to cost me?
Cost of AU$1.60 per word
The total cost is AU$7,500.
AU$2,500 deposit on signing the contract.
AU$2,500 after the third draft.
AU$2,500 on completion of the project.