Hi, and welcome to my website.

Short Description.
I’m a published author and ghostwriter and work with various clients worldwide. I specialize in small projects.

Together, we will turn your idea into a book. Your voice will be on the pages and your name on the cover. I specialize in small projects or novellas.
Together, we will have a laugh while completing your book. Initially, we will use Microsoft Teams to meet up, and for me to find out who you are and how you would like your book to be written.
I’ll email you 6 drafts of the book, so we can make improvements as we go. Let’s get writing. See you on the other side.

My writing
You will find novellas, memoirs, and short stories. The genre that I love writing is fiction – thriller/suspense.
Customers have commented that my ebooks are fast-moving page-turners and ebooks. My novellas are between 10,000 and 15,000 words long, and my short stories are between 1,500 and 2,000 words long.
All payments are via PayPal. You will get an email with the download link to the ebook you have bought.

Contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. My projects take about 3 months, so get in quick or I’ll have to put you in a queue. Sometimes I can write 2 projects at once because I’m waiting for information from a client.

I accept payments via Paypal.