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My name is John Berry

John Berry was born in Rhodesia, which is now called Zimbabwe. He lived there for six years then emigrated to Durban, South Africa. He went to Marist Brothers College. After matriculation, he did national service as a paratrooper and fought in the Angolan war in 1975. He traveled extensively, lived in England for two years, then emigrated to Brisbane, Australia. He spends his time researching and writing fiction stories.

…or something like this:

Ben Strong and Jesse Cooker are in constant conflict due to their broken childhood friendship. Over the years, the hatred for each other has increased to a volcanic level.
Ben is torn between killing Jesse, but as a police officer he has sworn an oath not to kill. He has to find another way to protect the only woman he has ever loved before it’s too late.
Jesse is filled with rage and guilt for killing his father and sending his mother to prison. As time passes, he gradually turns to the dark side. Can he be rescued? Samantha doesn’t know why she loves him and neither does he, but they have a true connection.
Who will protect Avril or kill her?